Starving 8-Year-Old Orphan Who Weighed Only 8 Lbs. Now Looks Unrecognizable

When a young girl was found abandoned on the streets of India in 2017, she weighed only 8lbs, was close to death, and to make matters worse, she was only 8-years-old. In a desperate attempt to save her life, she was taken in by a local NGO. The organization was able to provide the little girl, who was later named Varsha, with the medical care she desperately needed. With the help of the NGO, Varsha slowly gained weight and strength and was eventually adopted by a loving couple from the United States.

Today, Varsha is an unrecognizable sight compared to when she was found. Varsha’s adoptive parents have shared photos and videos of her transformation over the past few years, and they are nothing short of incredible. When Varsha first arrived at her new home, she was quiet, shy, and very weak. She had difficulty walking and speaking, and the effects of her malnutrition had taken a toll on her physical and mental health.

Over time, however, Varsha has made tremendous progress. She is now able to walk, talk, and interact with her parents and other family members. She has even started attending school and is excelling in her studies. Varsha’s transformation is a testament to the power of love and care. Her story is a reminder that all children deserve a chance to live a happy and healthy life, no matter what their circumstances may be. In the years since she was adopted, Varsha has become a symbol of hope for other children in need, and her story serves as an inspiration to us all.