Dangerous rescue, how was the python snake that fell in this well taken out, and which creature ate it alive!

When a python snake fell into a well in western India, local villagers were confronted with an unusual rescue mission. The snake had been spotted by a villager who had gone to fetch water from the well, and it had become stuck at the bottom of the well, unable to escape. The villagers, worried that the snake might die, quickly organized a rescue mission. They decided to build a makeshift ladder out of bamboo poles and rope. They then placed the ladder into the well and slowly lowered it down. The snake, sensing the ladder, slowly climbed up and was eventually pulled out of the well.

Unfortunately for the snake, its rescue was not the end of its troubles. While the snake was being pulled out of the well, a local monitor lizard had spotted the commotion and had made its way to the well. When the snake was pulled out of the well, the monitor lizard quickly snatched up the snake and ate it alive. The villagers were horrified at the sight, but sadly, there was nothing they could do. The monitor lizard had managed to snatch up the snake before anyone had noticed, and the snake was quickly devoured.

The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of wildlife rescue missions. While the intentions of the villagers were good, they were ultimately unsuccessful in saving the snake from its fate. It is also a reminder of the importance of being aware of your surroundings in order to protect yourself and wildlife from potential danger.