Buffalo fight back the KING LION

In the animal kingdom, the lion is often considered the king of the jungle. But sometimes, it seems that the buffalo can hold its own against the ferocious predator. In a recent incident in Africa, a herd of Cape buffalo was seen engaging in a fierce battle against a male lion. The incident happened in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, where the buffalo and lion were captured on camera in a fight that lasted for several minutes.

The buffalo had been grazing in the grasslands of the reserve when the lion approached them. At first, the animals seemed to be ignoring the lion, but when it appeared to be getting too close for comfort, the buffalo charged at the predator. The lion stood its ground and fought back, but the buffalo were relentless and eventually managed to chase the lion away. This is not an isolated incident either, as buffalo have been known to fight back against lions several times in the past. In fact, in some cases, the buffalo have even been able to kill the lion. This is because the buffalo are far stronger and more powerful than the lion, and they are often in larger groups than the solitary predator.

Buffalo are also incredibly brave animals, and they have been known to protect their young from the lion’s clutches. This is why they are often referred to as ‘The King of the Jungle’. Although the lion is still considered the most powerful animal in the wild, it is clear that the buffalo can fight back when it needs to. The next time you see a lion, remember that the buffalo can also fight back and protect its own.