Crocodile hunts Impala 3rd time Lucky! Not easy to see these reptiles catch a meal but we did!!

Witnessing a crocodile catching its prey is an amazing and rare sight. We were fortunate enough to witness such an event recently while on safari in South Africa. The scene was set at a river bank in the Kruger National Park. We had been observing a large crocodile sunning itself on the banks of the river for some time now. Suddenly, a herd of impala came into view, having a drink from the river. The crocodile was quick to spot them and launched itself into the water. We watched in amazement as the large reptile swam swiftly and silently towards the unsuspecting animals. As it reached the edge of the herd, the crocodile lunged forward and managed to grab an impala in its powerful jaws.

The crocodile began to drag the impala into the water, but the animal put up a brave fight and managed to break free. The croc made a second attempt, and this time was successful. After a few tense moments, the crocodile emerged from the water with the impala in its jaws. It was an incredible sight to witness, and it took us by surprise. We had been watching the croc for some time and it had made two attempts to catch its prey, but had failed. This was the third time it had tried, and it had succeeded.

We were amazed at the incredible hunting skills and power of the crocodile. It was a reminder of the importance of these animals in the wild, and how they play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. We were truly lucky to have witnessed such a remarkable event, and it was a moment we will never forget.