Bobcat Hunting in Winter.

I wasn’t expecting it to jump so far, but animals are wonderful. Climbing up like that and catching a SQUIRREL must have taken a lot of speed! I’d never be able to catch a squirrel in my lifetime.

Cats are insane, to say the least. One of my friends once noticed a hummingbird and quickly climbed up a tree, did a backflip off the tree, caught the hummingbird mid-backflip, and snapped the hummingbird’s neck.

A healthy man can run along a straight road and capture a squirrel. The trouble is that the tiny sucker will make a sudden turn, and we will break our ankle while attempting to turn as well.

I once pursued a squirrel back to its tree, and I was gaining on it until it reached the tree. Give me another 10-15 meters.Give me 10-15 more meters I may have kicked his tail to the air LOL, Thank you for like and share.

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