African Civet Cats’ Feeding Frenzy.

There’s a big difference between a cat that has table manners and a civet who has manners all over the place.

Hellio Arif Even in places where they are legal to keep, I doubt pet retailers in the United States would offer African Civet Cats, Civets tear things to bits for fun and would destroy furniture if given the opportunity.

It’s really amusing and cute to see them dip their heads! Would you mind posting these on Reddit if you don’t mind? I’m sure some folks on r/aww will like it!

I’m watching this video, having only learnt about civets a few days ago, and I’m really perplexed as to why everyone calls them cats since they look nothing like cats.

The cat is staring at you, The cat’s looking at the civets like they’re retarded because they drink the milk by dunking their whole faces into it lol, Thank you for like and share.

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