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Animals | September 28, 2021 3:12 AM | hangbony

Giant Otter vs Jaguar, giant otter attack

People assumed it was a contest to see who was the strongest, However, they overlook the fact that, although the jaguar is a lonely species, the otter lives in groups, giving it an edge.

When it comes to piranhas, one isn’t much of a threat, but when they wander in packs, they pose a major threat, When cattle were moved along highways, directing them, allowing an elderly and/or ill animal enter the water first, and then crossing the herd, the expression “piranha ox” arose.

In South America, the otter is at the top of the food chain; no animal can compete with them when they are in large groups.

In the Amazon, they consume hazardous species like piranhas as well as large fish like pirarucu, in addition to other things, In addition to other large predators such as alligators, anacondas, pythons, crocodiles, etc.

Brown jaguar, jaguar and bull shark are animals that I find difficult for the giant otter to face, even more on their own, Thank you for like and share.

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