When reunited with owner after two years, dog faints from ‘overwhelming pleasure.’

When they see their people, dogs always let forth tremendous cheers. Nonetheless, if you are absent for only a few minutes, your furry buddy reacts as if he hasn’t seen you in years and transforms the situation into a drama. These emotions were not planned, but they happened spontaneously and demonstrate how intense a dog’s affection for its master is.

In any case, nothing compares to this 9-year-old Schnauzer’s response after she was reunited with her mother after a couple of years apart! Casey, the dog, hasn’t seen her owners in over two years, and when her human mom pulls her into her arms, he becomes a bit overjoyed. The feeling of joy is so strong for the pup, she appears to faint.

Rebecca Ehalt returned to her family’s home in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, after being gone for more than two years in Slovenia, where she is set to reconnect with her dog, Casey. Only the dog has an unexpected response when he sees Rebecca. Casey runs to greet her as soon as she notices her arrival, but she’s so eager that she barks. Furthermore, the overjoyed dog collapses within seconds. Everyone was taken aback by the situation, which the woman instantly began to worry about. Casey, thankfully, was unharmed.

“She didn’t even bark, she simply squeaked like a continuous squeak,” Rebecca explained. “We didn’t anticipate her to pass out, but she’s OK now.”

Rebecca captured the beautiful event on camera and published it online. Despite being a little old, the video has received over 50 million views thus far!

“It’s very sincere. Rebecca’s husband, Miha Svetina, told WTAE, “It’s really sweet.” “There is so much going on in the globe. People become delighted when they see something so lovely, and dogs are just amazing.”, Thank you for like and share.

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