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Animals | October 17, 2021 8:49 AM | hangbony

Rescue cobra snake

The gentleman who has conducted the snake rescue operation is bold, committed and extremely efficient. His superiors must reward him suitably in absolute proportion to his valour in successfully rescueing the snake sacrificing his own life.

Truly glad to see someone rescue and conserve. Cobras are almost our national symbol, I will come to Nagar to meet you sometime. Please communicate your address and phone number also.

Excellent & professional Cobra catch. The amount of comfort & happiness you have given to the surrounding family members will be highly appreciated, Wonderful. And Thank you for saving Humans and the Snake. Saab, please tell us the Audio and Video Recording equipment you use.


It’s quite dangerous to catch these venomous snakes but you do your job very nicely And yeah you are doing a great job by saving these creatures.

Here in my area, order small children that I have seen a snake here in this place, then there is no need to save it or no need to call rescue it Understand that this snake has gone from this world to another world.

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