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Animals | October 20, 2021 3:51 AM | hangbony

A Flock Of Seagulls Watches As Humpack Whales Dive Upright.

A Flock Of Seagulls Watches As Humpack Whales Dive Upright A humpback whale rising to the surface with its huge mouth open to consume a flock of seagulls occurred off the coast of Canada.

According to the Daily Mail, the unusual event grabbed the lens of photographer Brendon Bissonnette, a 25-year-old from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, who was on his way to the beach.
Brendon Bissonnette said he and his coworkers went to the beach that day and spotted three humpback whales constantly soaring on the water surface to fish.

Suddenly, a 13-meter-long humpback whale leapt out of the water about 4.5 meters, opened its enormous mouth, and sent a swarm of birds soaring into the air. Brendon Bissonnette described how he was watching three humpback whales off the coast of Sooke when he saw unusual behavior. Humpack whales fish in their own territories. To grab tiny fish, they generally rush horizontally or diagonally.

The large mouth helps them to collect a lot of food, and they have parallel pharyngeal grooves that extend from the mouth to the neck. The adult humpack whale, on the other hand, sprang out of the water vertically, vertically this time. “A vertical jump that I’ve never seen before, so I was astonished,” Brendon Bissonnette remarked.

As the whale opened its mouth and sank its body into the water, a few birds attempted to fly away from the huge mouth. A couple of them. Whales soaring vertically on the sea is a common occurrence for this, and many people have been taken aback by the sight of fish weighing up to tons thrashing themselves in the water like waves (see photos below).”

After rain, a humpback whale appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the sea. The image is so lovely that it reminds me of scenes from Disney movies. Humpback whales, in particular, like surface water activity such as leaping and slapping fins. These actions, according to researchers, are all means of communication for this species.

One idea is that this massive monster sprang out of the sea for no other purpose than to be happy. Every year, a large number of individuals who like these fish flock to the sea to wait for them to arrive in front of their eyes, Thank you for like and share.

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