Unique hunting style in riverside. Monster tortoise hunting crab . Turtle catching eating crabs.

Hunting in a riverfront setting with a twist. In the hole, a monster tortoise is hunting crab. Crabs are caught and eaten by a large turtle. A one-of-a-kind film brought to you exclusively by Discovery Site.

Small crabs may be seen scurrying around in the river water in this video. In the river, a huge tortoise is also moving. The turtle was on the prowl for crabs.

The huge tortoise arrived to the crab hole after observing the crab line and began catching and eating the crabs. This hunting process takes a while. Finally, the turtle leaves the area and vanishes into the river.

I’m trying to figure out what tortoise species this is. The Mary River tortoise, for example, feeds on water vegetation, tiny crustaceans, and snails. It would be interesting to learn more about this turtle, Thank you for like and share.

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