Honey Badger Rescues Her Baby from Leopard.

We all know that honey badgers think they are the boss of the bush… Well, this mother honey badger surely is! She had no second thoughts about charging in on a hungry leopard to save her baby.

When we arrived at the scene, Joel pointed out the leopard, which was moving slowly through a tamboti thicket towards us. At this point, I was very excited and grateful to have been given this excellent opportunity to show my guests a real-life leopard. I didn’t notice initially, but there was a young honey badger a few meters away from us and about 10 meters away from the leopard.

When I realized what was about to happen, I could hardly believe my eyes! The leopard stalked closer and closer till its nose was practically touching the rear end of the badger. The badger turned around, and I’m sure it got the surprise of its life. The leopard launched its attack in a fury of claw and tooth with the small badger fighting bravely and valiantly but not really a match for the leopard. I was filming at this point and then noticed the mother badger running at speed towards the melee and rapidly displaced the leopard.

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