What will happen if newborn lion across river meets the crocodile – mother lion fight crocodile

A lion and a crocodile engaged in an epic tug of battle over an antelope in a river, as captured in dramatic film.

The lion took a significant risk by swimming into the river’s shallow waters, where the crocodile had a home-field advantage.

While lions have a terrible reputation, they are not immune to the enormous strength of a croc’s bite, With one negligent slip, the reptile might suffocate the huge cat held in its jaws beneath the water’s surface.

This video was shot near the Crocodile River in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, When a solitary lion is pitted against a crocodile, it is considerably more than when a pride of lions is present,  A pride of lions fights a crocodile for the chance to … an elephant carcass nearby in the video below, Thank you for like and share.

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