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Birds | November 12, 2021 2:37 PM | hangbony

Eagle Vs Rooster _ Who Will Be The Winner?

At the very least, there’d be a chance on the Rooster part, However, seeing an Eagle feast on a chicken that he/she had previously slaughtered was not that fascinating.

All of these remarks were also my thoughts, How many eagles, how many varied settings, and I’m not sure if a chicken or rooster has ever flown so far? I could be completely wrong, By the way you presented it, I truly thought the chicken would win!

One fowl has black feathers (mine) and the other has yellow feathers, We have a duck named Butterball as well, Butterball was taken by a hawk one day.

Then it came for the yellow chicken the next day, and my chicken fucking attacked the hawk and defeated it, scaring it away, The hawk was then discovered stranded on the roof of the chicken coop the next day, Most likely, I’m hiding from my chicken, Thank you for like and share.

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