Cape Cobra Vs Yellow Mongoose.

The day before, this yellow mongoose was going about and examining under all the stones, Mongoose has the world’s fastest reverse gear.

He returned the next day, and because I had my phone with me, I began filming. To my amazement, the Cape Cobra emerged, and what a beautiful interaction between the two brave tiny mongooses ensued.

This is the cycle: the cobra is afraid of the mongoose, the mongoose is afraid of the cameraman, and the cameraman is afraid of the snake, Take a moment to admire this young lady’s camera skills, There are far too many videos that are nearly unwatchable, but this was one of the best.

The Mongoose should be kept as a pet, Imagine resting on the couch and waking up to that massive Cobra, The mongoose eventually said, “There’s only one of us getting out of this hole alive, and it ain’t the snake.”, Thank you for like and share.

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