Orangutans Make A Beautiful Friendship With The Otters At The Zoo While No One Is Around.

Friendships between different animals are always endearing, This time, the internet has been captivated by a remarkable connection between a family of orangutans and some otters.

According to CNN, the orangutans and otters first met when staff at the Pairi Daiza Zoo placed the otters in the river where the orangutans live, and a remarkable and almost mystical friendship has developed since then.

The images are self-explanatory, The orangutan family enjoys playing hide-and-seek in their natural surroundings.

“Otters hide beneath large tree trunks or wooden structures, and Berani, the infant orangutan, searches for them, They come out every now and again to make fun of him, Mathieu, a zoo keeper, stated, “It’s very beautiful to behold.”

The zoo spends a lot of money on “enriching” the animal habitats, “This implies that not only size, but also quality of life, are critical.

Putting animal species that can interact with one other in the same enclosure, or having them see each other, is one technique to do this (apart from hiding food, solving puzzles, organizing cognitive games, or putting some new swings or records there), Mathieu went on, Thank you for like and share.

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