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Animals | November 13, 2021 2:04 PM | hangbony

Along for the ride! Two kangaroo joeys in one pouch at Saint Louis Zoo.

These two 6- and 6.5-month-old red kangaroo joeys are not twins, but they are sharing Roomer’s pouch for the time being.

Joey #1 is still nursing from Roomer, but Joey #2 has been weaned from Daisy and has recently migrated out of the pouch, as is normal for joeys at this age.

Roopert, the father, is the same for both half-siblings, but their moms are different, The animal care team has not been able to get a good look at the joeys to establish whether they are male or female because they are still in the pouch most of the time.

Clearly, he or she was not ready to leave home and sought comfort in the pouch of “Auntie” Roomer, It’s probable that its mother has another tiny joey growing in the pouch and encouraged her oldest to give up its room to its younger brother or sister, Thank you for like and share.

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