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Animals | November 15, 2021 1:06 PM | hangbony

Jaguar vs Caiman Crocodile.

When jaguars and caimans come together, there is usually only one winner, but that doesn’t mean that the caiman will give it up easily. This battle took place in the Pantanal in Brazil, and this caiman was a fighter! After the struggle underwater, the jaguar devised a better plan: simply pin the caiman underwater and it will drown, which it did.I am sure there was plenty of damage caused to the neck when the jaguar caught it, but ultimately, it was the water that got it.

Can you imagine how powerful that Jaguar’s jaws had to be to drag that caiman through the water? That’s what I thought was really incredible. The Jag transports the caiman to the same location where the caiman was attempting to flee: the water. That is the Caiman’s land, the Caiman’s domain, but the Jag knows the struggle is done.

Absolutely incredible… leopards also have exceptionally strong jaws; imagine pulling a prey twice or three times your weight up a tree vertically; leopards do it more frequently than jags dragging medium to large prey through water.They have a 1500 PSI rated bit force, which I believe is the third or fourth strongest in the world. Thank you for liking and sharing.

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