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Animals | November 16, 2021 2:36 AM | hangbony


This video is excellent, I was one of those who thought the black panther was a different species than the jaguar, but this video explained it well.

Mano didn’t know the jaguar had some white, he thought it only had brown to black and the common one, but he doesn’t have the white album, how nice this albino jaguar is very beautiful.

They are the same, but black is more courageous, Their crossbred offspring is the most fearless jaguar on the planet.

These animals are extremely cute, and if they weren’t so violent, I would purchase one for myself, I admire and cherish the most powerful scenes of each baby animal’s birth,
Damn! I had no idea black jaguars had spots! Incredible! Nature is flawless!, Thank you for like and share.

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