Penguin chicks rescued by unlikely hero.

This has to be the cutest war documentary you’ve ever seen, “They formed a protective circle” It’s odd to see birds trying to larger birds because they’re afraid of smaller birds.

It’s strange and amusing that tiny kids are sometimes bold and are the first to appear in films.

I’m so glad the camera didn’t pan to the middle of Adele’s approach… simply crashing from the left side of the screen is truly spectacular.

Every six months, the YouTube algorithm sends me back here to fill my empty heart with pride and appreciation, The chick in the foreground with its wings spread is the natural leader.

This is a fantastic example of a short person in class defending the huge anaconda, This is a perfect example when a short guy in class comes to the defense of the giant and his friends, Lolololol He brought them out of there as well, Thank you for like and share.

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