9 Animals Whose Territory You Should Never Enter.

Well, Thank you for reminding me that Cassowaries are related to Veloci raptors, I’m far from nature, and I’m not going to stop eating meat until everything is ash or ice.

That knock at 0:47 startled me; I believed someone had banged on my window, The community was frightened by the hippy youngster who murdered the deer.

Thank you for posting the rhinoceros video, Sentura comes to mind, I also consume tea.

The Jaguars are brave and courageous, They literally just walked into the sea to get their food without thinking twice, Legends, I was giggling when all the hippos started tossing the alligator about lmaoooo That person who was putting food into the lake for the wild hog to be devoured by the alligator is a jerk!, Thank you for like and share.

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