The End of a Sambar Deer.

Every trip into the jungle teaches you something new and tells you a fresh narrative, This March, I went to Tadoba and had a great time, I go to Tadoba at least twice a year, so I’m familiar with all the routes, However, things change every time I go.

For a relatively short weekend, I had planned four safaris. All three safaris went well, We did saw tigers, but only in the most inhospitable shooting situations, Our most recent safari took place in the buffer zone, I wasn’t very bothered about it, However, the jungle is a place where strange things happen in strange locations.

We were shooting birds in the buffer zone with only an hour until the safari ended, Our driver informed us that it was time to return, He wanted to take us to a body of water where Madhuri was a regular, We searched the area but were unsuccessful.

Just then, a jeep with visitors on board arrived, claiming to have observed some wild dogs, These creatures never cease to astonish me, They strategize, plan, and then execute, We hurried to the location, I hadn’t seen any wild dogs in Tadoba in over two years, In my thoughts, I was praying, I’d been crossing my fingers, When we arrived at the location, we saw something unusual.

A Sambar Deer had stopped at a watering hole, and a band of six wild canines had cornered him, The Sambar Deer stared us down and cried for assistance, It would spot us and make a loud call every now and then, It was, however, a jungle, It is not my world, but theirs, And I’m not going to say anything.

The dogs took turns attacking the deer until it was exhausted and couldn’t fight back in a one-hour drama, As I previously stated, the wild canines had a well-thought-out method for catching their prey, They had the entire area covered, with four of them stationed at each corner to prevent the deer from escaping, Finally, the Sambar died, and they survived.