Python vs Deer – Deer Fight Python To Rescue Baby Escape – what will end.

A meal that large will keep the Python well fed for months, The problem is that it will slow it down making it vulnerable to other predators, so it will need to haul that mass to a safe place where it can digest in peace.

In less than 4 weeks the Deer will be fully digested, including the hard stuff like the hooves and bones, I’am guessing that this was a female deer it, It would have been more difficult to a male with fully developed antlers.

For some reason I just imagined running up and kicking it as soon as it finished, I know it’s cruel, but it was hilarious.

For the first time I could see it actually uses the rest off it body to crush legs together to fit it down amazing animals. Fed for a whole year.

Now the snake doesn’t have to for the rest of the year.