[CG of the birth of humankind] The rival of humankind 2.4 million years ago is hyena! ??

From “Birth of Mankind”, which unravels the story of human evolution with the latest science, we released a video that reproduces the life of human being “Homo Habilis” 2.4 million years ago with realistic CG!

“Homo habilis” is considered to be the first human being to make stone tools constantly. He is said to have been performing ” meat clams” aiming at leftovers of carnivorous beasts.

■ “Birth of Mankind” to unravel the magnificent story of human evolution with the latest science with Issei Takahashi, a navigator

The “miracle story” until the birth of humans The evolution of humankind to humans has always been a harsh journey next to extinction. How did you overcome the looming crisis and climb the evolutionary stairs? Draws a drama full of good luck and chance to reach humans.

click to watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RauDD0mQS4&t=59s