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Birds | December 7, 2021 1:40 AM | hangbony

Sparrowhawk destroys magpie

After a pretty unsuccessful day out with the camera I decided to call it a day and walk home, on way way back I heard a load of magpies making a lot of noise in a tree so I decided to go and investigate, I was amazed to find a young female sparrowhawk that had taken down a magpie.

Sparrowhawks are the top predator in my book for their size, often come across them poor blackbirds/pigeons .Awesome but very fortunate bit of filming.

Normally crows or magpies are protect each other if one of them has a trouble. Very social and intelligent birds. This one, hadn’t much luck.

Really great capture. Thank you for sharing. Sparrowhawks are truly amazing predators! They are fast, beautiful and absolutely stunning! This is the female – able to take magpies down!

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