A sparrowhawk that caught a young onaga ♀

Great film, but don’t come too close; that hawk battled hard for that lunch, and it may be in desperate need of it; don’t scare it away before it’s eaten. Maintain a safe distance.

Nature is not a warm and cozy place. Also, use a tripod, dude. Hawk will be able to get his work done much faster now that he isn’t watching your every move.

It’s not a crow. It’s a Jackdaw! A sparrow hawk would have a LOT more trouble eliminating a CROW, which is considerably bigger and powerful than a Jackdaw!

It’s a Jackdaw, in fact. Although a Jackdaw, it is a member of the crow family. On YouTube, there’s a video of a hawk of some kind attacking a Jackdaw, but the hawk doesn’t manage to get its claws in the jackdaw’s face, and one of the hawk’s eyes is pecked out. For 9 years, I had one as a pet. This is an excellent video.

Quite striking to observe. After all, it’s a natural occurrence. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Switzerland.