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Birds | December 7, 2021 2:01 PM | hangbony

How Hawk Hunting Wild Rabbit – Wild Animal Attacks.

Cooper’s hawks primarily eat other birds, but if prey presents itself, they eat squirrels, rabbits and rodents.

Unlike other raptors, which grab their prey and bite the heads off, the Cooper’s hawk by repeatedly squeezing the animals with their powerful talons.

For centuries Goshawk’s have been used for Hunting live prey such as Rabbits, Pheasants and other animals, with it’s extraordinary agility, speed and razor sharp eyesight this Bird of Prey is the Ultimate Hunting Bird.

This clip features one of the most Dramatic hunting moments in nature, a Goshawk Hunting a jack Rabbit, Enjoy.

Birds of Prey are awesome, thanks for the vid, The Falconry Brother.

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