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Animals | December 17, 2021 11:56 PM | hangbony

Amazing video of a leopard … a wild boar.

Donald Kendall, one of our clients, captured this incredible film of a leopard with a wild boar. When Donald and his wife Robbie were on safari at Ngala Safari Lodge, they came across this animal carcass. Before it was all done, Donald was able to catch the on film. Here’s some of his footage.

The warthog rushed to the body in order to protect its neck. Lepid understands more about Juju than the majority of black belts.

Stunning!! The narrative is being filmed. Nature is not only real, but it is also vital. That’s a significant amount. It’s enough that his claws are glued to the warty’s side. Hopefully the warthog doesn’t have to for long, because this isn’t a nice win.

I believe this is because leopards are young and learn quickly. This leopard’s unusual technique is that it frequently uses the neck to swiftly rather than the chest or abdomen, Thank you for like and share.

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