Bullfrog Dad Protects His Tadpoles.

That was amazing, I’d never heard of a mammal accomplishing an impromptu engineering feat like this before, except from birds building nests and otters damns, which I suppose are instinctual.

Amazing and heartfelt, This lends credence to the notion that much more animals than we realize are sentient.

Not only ourselves, but also elephants, chimps, and dolphins, He’ll require a sizable trust fund.

Yes, during the d.read.ful d.rought, rocks fell on us, and sand made of gasoline, and crows dropped matches and cigars on our heads while we were being h.u.n.t.e.d by wild sparrows. Which …

This is analogous to the admins of 4Chan migrating its defenseless pepes to a new site, This is like the admins of 4Chan moving their defenceless pepes to a new site when the current one gets shut down, Thank you for like and share.