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Animals | December 25, 2021 3:24 PM | hangbony

Take the giant python that appeared on the tree

Burmese Python not Anaconda, Anacondas live in South America and live mostly in the water, where they ambush prey (mostly fish) in the water or other animals coming to drink.

Burmese pythons ambush prey from trees or rocks and are not as good of swimmers as Anacondas, Burmese pythons mostly eat rodents, mammals, and small primates.

Our wonderful men here s so brave, with a m.ons.ter like that, I’m ripped to see these boys with so much courage, Mercy, I’m terrified of these shop windows.

Now if I was close to these boys I wouldn’t be afraid, Look my beautiful you, be careful with these m.ons.ters if you play, bjs for all of you and I want to say that you are top, note a thousand to you my beautiful, stay with God a hug, Motorcycle in Recife, Foot. Maybe they injected a tranquilizer on the snake before they carried it off the river, the snake seemed to be not resisting at all and the man on front did prop up the snakes head just to show its still active…what a drama.


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