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Animals | December 29, 2021 11:47 PM | hangbony

The Best Of Animals Attack 2022

Gray wolves against deer, mosquitoes, rabbits, bison dogs and even wolves! This is a very real wild animal! After all, gray or normal wolves can weigh up to 90 kg or more! But even the average wolf weighing 40-50 kg is very rich because this is a real search engine! This wolf is very strong and can run for hours without stopping.

It can accelerate to 65 km / h and this is enough to catch animals. In addition, wolves have wide claws that are not very cold in the snow and have small membranes! Thanks to this, predators do not fall into the snow and catch up with heavier ungulates. A large wolf’s nose can smell animals within 3 km.

Although the thing and the most interesting thing is that wolves hunt in packs! They use a variety of techniques, including alternating chases, raids, and attacks from different directions. In general, the chances of catching wolves are very small. These wild brothers are good hunters, they even hunt huge mice and bison, regardless of the smaller deer. Well, rabbits, rabbits, foxes, so for one tooth.

Relationships in packs are surprisingly organized among wolves. There is always a clear hierarchy and everyone follows it. At the first level, there are young animals up to 1 year old that are raised and trained by the whole herd. Teens – one-year-olds – slightly taller. They already know how to hunt, but they are usually left at home with young animals.

Even wolves 2-3 years old. These are already smart and strong wolves – the backbone of the pack and the combat unit of the clan. And at the top are the dominant couples – parents of all generations. If someone in the herd wants to start such a family, he leaves his parents’ house and becomes lonely. But the pack leader can drive the wolf out on his own. This often happens due to lack of motivation.

In the video I tried to show you not only the gray wolf hunting, but also tell you about their relationship in the behavioral package, the way of communication and the coordination of actions. All the little known facts about the wolf pack I found were also confirmed in the video. I hope you enjoy it!

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