Amazing BIRDS moments captured on camera!

He lives in a dazzling star hamlet, where he is trapped in a traffic gridlock, The Soviet Union’s national song was played every morning at six o’clock, Everyone on the wire sang a song as well.

Crows are crafty and intelligent birds, I have two dogs, two spies, and the crow pulls the wool from its donkey no matter how many times I shift the nest, Furthermore, it is not uncommon for one crow to pass out while the other crawls behind and takes out the fleece.

This wonderful world is very lovely! People, this is our existence!, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the world of birds.

We have seagulls on the city’s lake, but I used to think they simply ate fish and bread, Today, I learnt a lot more about seagulls, and not just about them, Thank you for like and share.