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Animals | December 30, 2021 1:24 AM | hangbony

Gyrfalcon female takes Canada goose.

The manner he booted him out of the sky was intriguing, but the goat on the ground was as well.

The’s what I call the ecstatic little Falcon, who reminds me of that cartoon character that always large chickens and says, “I’m a huge chicken hunter” “I’m a chicken, you see, Hawk, hawk!”

I used to live on a farm, and the geese would settle in the field behind my house every year, I noticed them from my bedroom window one year and grabbed my lever, I took my 22 loaded with short outdoors with my dog.

I took aim and squeezed the trigger while holding over at a non-existent 60 yard dot because the scope was only sighted in for 50 yards, Right in the heart of the temple, Goose falls down flailing wildly, and I and the pup are about to get up when a tiny Falcon or hawk swoops in and snatches the massive goose, lifting it 20 feet into the air and carrying it away.

We pursue it down, shouting, and it drops the goose after a brief pursuit, The goose was plucked, prepared, and brined for dinner the next night , Thank you for like and share.

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h23mVsM3QY&t=1s

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