A Day In The Life Of A Kruger Park Rhino Bull.

Isn’t it likely that half of the rhinos in this video have been poached by now? Poaching has claimed the l.iv.es of more than 7,137 African rhinoceros in just a decade. In South Africa alone, 1,054 rhinos were k.il.led in 2016, equating to approximately three rhinos every day.


The White Rhinoceros is the third largest terrestrial mammal on the planet. Massive, stocky, and not quite as a.ggres.sive as the Black Rhino, the White Rhino is massive, stocky, and has a reputation for being less a.ggres.sive. The two different horns are actually very densely packed fibers, not horns in the traditional sense. The longest horn on record is 1.58 meters.


Bulls, which may weigh up to 2 000 kg, are bigger than cows, which can only weigh up to 1 800 kg. Bulls stand 1.8 meters tall at the shoulders. The skin is practically hairless on the grey side. They have a broad, square-shaped mouth. The neck of white rhinos has a hump.