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Animals | January 1, 2022 2:04 AM | hangbony

Flying Lion Buffalo Launches P.redator Into The Air.

Buffaloes have the intelligence to know that by banding together, they can safeguard their own species, Lions know that by forming gangs, they can bring down buffalo, When a buffalo aids another buffalo, regardless of whether they are related or not.

When humans are upset, they can flip tables, but buffaloes flip lions because they are so for each other, They’ve got each other’s backs, Because he set the angle on it and everything, he seemed to have done it more more one.

Anyone who claims that a buffalo is a true warrior is m.ista.ken, The buffalo on the ground had given up hope and were waiting to be e.aten alive by the lion.

evolution and I’m always amazed with these fights for s.urvival and watching both species really fighting to live, Thank you for like and share.

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Amazing..when the hawk is hungry, it does not know the impossible.

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