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Animals | January 6, 2022 11:39 PM | hangbony

Elephant b.r.u.t.a.l.l.y kills man in India

An attack on an elephant continues to claim lives in West Bengal’s Bardhaman District as another person was killed this morning in Galsi. The horrifying footage shows an elephant attacking a man and throwing him around as helpless villagers look on. The two elephants, who got detached from their groups in Galsi and Chandul in Burdwan on Saturday, have killed five people in the last three days. Four people were killed and two others were injured in two separate elephant attacks in Burdwan district on Saturday.

Never run straight when an elephant comes running for a… If possible, try to run around in circles, and never climb a tree when an elephant approaches.
It can either knock you down by shaking the tree or uproot the tree. Both are … Elephants are afraid of fire, and hence it can be used from a reasonable distance to repel the elephant.

They are the most mature. They love m.ourn and have e.mpathy for each other and their animals, and tend to… after being… anyway, I love them. Thank you for your support and sharing.



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