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Birds | January 14, 2022 2:06 AM | hangbony

Hawk perplexed over duck.

I love how every time he puts his foot on the duck, he takes it off and looks around like he’s trying to spot Ashton Kutcher. Ass hilarious as it is to see the hawk completely confused, I think it’s also really cool to see how it tries to get a response, like where it grabs, how it attacks, etc. Better luck next time, buddy!

Hawk is as normal as some objects on the face become extremely responsive; he practices his movements with his duck before confronting the real thing.When your mother defies your mother’s counsel, the duck might turn into a stone on its own to avoid eating.

He imagined he’d fight the duck like a person, only to wind up on the internet in his underwear, but it took him far too long to understand the duck was a dummy. That reminds me of my grandmother’s hard apples, which I have never loved to eat. Fun fact: Ducks can turn themselves into stone versions of themselves to avoid getting eaten. Thank you for liking and sharing.

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