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Birds | February 12, 2022 10:51 AM | hangbony

Baby Hawk adopted by Bald Eagle parent and raised as their own

The story we’re about to tell you today is one of the most incredible spectacles that nature has ever provided. It tells the story of a pair of bald eagles who adopt and raise a juvenile hawk.

Given that hawks are a common food source for large birds of prey, this unusual occurrence left Canadian bird observers absolutely perplexed. This, according to legend, is how the little hawk got into the eagles’ nest in the first place.

The hawk, which was supposed to be food for the tiny eaglets, had defied all chances and is now thriving because the bald eagle family has adopted it, and the tiny hawk even acts like a bald eagle. This small critter now lives happily with its adoptive parents and three brothers. “This rates as the oddest thing I’ve ever seen in the realm of birds of prey,” David Bird of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation told the Vancouver Sun in an interview. My guess is that this little hawk cried out for food, completely oblivious to the danger.”

This type of behavior is extremely unusual, especially for bald eagles. Whatever is done, researchers are concerned for the small hawk’s survival since by the time the eaglets reach adulthood, they will be considerably larger than their hawk sibling and may mistake it for food. “The fact that it survived so long is really astonishing,” Professor Bird continues. But the point is, he was considerably smaller, and eagles are usually on the lookout for prey that is weaker than them.”

Regardless of how it seems, bird experts are convinced that the eagle parents would keep the baby hawk with them until it is able to fly off on its own. However, it is largely dependent on the eagles’ temperament and the availability of food. But, for the time being, the 3-month-old hawk appears to be in excellent health. “The eaglets with which he was nurtured seem to have accepted him as another sibling, and the parents seem to have adopted him as their young,” says the good professor Bird.

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