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Animals | February 16, 2022 1:21 AM | hangbony

Rolled up by a huge python!! made of clay

True artist,..what a talent, and he makes his work of art with care and dedication.it looks like a real snake..what blessed hands.thumbs up for you.

I confess that at the beginning of the video I was h.orri.fied thinking it was a real anaconda congratulations to this artist work very well done even though it is made of clay I wouldn’t have the courage to go inside it simulating that she had screwed me.

Indeed, if you are an expert, it’s like flowing art and the ability to express sculpture in the original. So good.

A good idea is to make replicas of animals for children’s visits and school class trips.

you are to be congratulated making a snake making an anaconda in the museum looks beautiful for people to visit you make it in the museum it is very beautiful you have a great talent I really liked what you do.

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