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Snakes | February 17, 2022 8:59 AM | hangbony

Despite being dangerous, both of them met in trouble together, in a 60 feet deep well! Cat Vs Cobra Rescue

Cats and cobras are both considered quite dangerous animals. However, recently, these two animals were found in an unexpected and unusual situation. In a village near the city of Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India, a cat and a cobra were found in a 60 feet deep well. This well was located in an isolated area and both the animals were struggling to survive in the muddy water.
The locals were shocked to find the cat and cobra inside the well and immediately informed the forest officials. A rescue operation was launched to save both the animals. The rescue team descended down the well and tried to catch the cobra with a long stick. But the cobra was quite alert and refused to be caught.

The team then tried to save the cat first. But the cat was so scared that it kept running away from the rescue team. The rescue team had to use a net to capture the cat and bring it out of the well. Once the cat was rescued, the team again tried to capture the cobra but the cobra was quite aggressive and tried to attack the team. It took the team almost an hour to capture the cobra and get it out of the well.

Both the animals were later released in a nearby forest. The cobra was released in the wild while the cat was taken to a nearby animal shelter. It was amazing to see the rescue team working together to save both the animals. It is believed that the cat and cobra had fallen into the well accidentally and were struggling to get out. This incident shows that animals, despite being dangerous, can be saved if proper precautions are taken. It also shows that even animals of different species can come together in times of trouble.

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