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Animals | February 25, 2022 3:39 AM | hangbony

Jaguar D.row.ns Crocodile in Brazil

When jaguars and caiman come together, there is usually only 1 winner, but that doesn’t mean that the caiman will give it up easily. This b.attle took place in the Pantanal, in Brazil, and this caiman was a fighter!

The jaguar, exhausted after the struggle underwater, came up with a better plan: just pin the caiman underwater and it will drown, which it did.
I am sure there was plenty of d.amage c.aused to the neck when the jaguar caught it, but ultimately, it was the water that got it.

Jaguar is the boss in the Pantanal; plain and simple. Dramatic video and audio footage FiveZero Safaris. Without your hard work and uploaded video, I would have never witnessed this interaction.

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