Ona Kilichofuata Hapo CHEETAH vs HUMAN Encounter Most Exciting Cheetah vs Human Face To Face

Just fantastic life time experience all those tourists visitors are very fortunate for such a natural environment & events. The guides are highly experienced

I would think it looks great, but in a way, it is too d.a.n.ger.ous to expose Tourists to such d.ang.er, and it’s an i.nfring.ement on this Animals space getting too close like that. What if it also eats the plastic part of the food package and s.wall.ows it…that is a d.anger.ous e.xposure to the Cheeta.

All wild animals are d.angerous and must be t.rea.ted with c.aution. Don’t encourage cheetahs to climb vehicles. As a guide one should be able to know when a cheetah is about to climb onto your car and drive away. What if a guest has some h.ea.rt ailments and suddenly gets d.eeply f.rightened? Wildlife officials should not encourage this. Even cheetahs are potentially d.anger.ous to humans.