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Animals | March 4, 2022 2:10 AM | hangbony

Hippo B.ites Land Rover As Lions Attack

In this video it is incredible to see how a pride of lion a.ttem.pt to take d.own a fully grown hippopotamus. Watch how the hippo turns to take its f.rust.ration out on a nearby vehicle.

We were awakened by the onslaught very early in the morning. As soon as the gates opened, we drove inside the park from Mjejane. To begin our journey, we opted to drive west along the river.

We were exploring the jungle in anticipation, all eyes peeled, feeling fresh and enthusiastic, not knowing what our first major site of the day would be. We were very hoping to see some cats because we hadn’t seen any previously. We weren’t expecting to see a pride of eight females and a few teenage cubs attacking right in front of our eyes.

The first sighting of the lions, who were bursting with energy, aroused excitement. Then came a sense of s.adness for the poor old hippo, who didn’t stand a chance a.gainst the lion pride.

The thought of how much a.ngu.ish and s.tress the hippo was in, as well as seeing the hippo’s eyes realize his impending d.eath, filled me with h.orror.

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