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Love & Cute | March 29, 2022 2:03 AM | hangbony

It is so frightening to see how the brave man feeds the bald eagles

My wife and I just returned (May 2022) from an Alaska cruise. We took a whale watching excursion while in Juneau. Much to my delight, I looked up at a lamp post and there were two Bald Eagles! They were just relaxing and looking down at me. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a lot of pictures. They were in no hurry to leave. I had never seen a Bald Eagle in person. They are awesome animals.

Eagles are majestic birds of prey that belong to the family Accipitridae. They are known for their sharp talons, powerful beaks, and keen eyesight, which enable them to hunt and capture their prey with great precision. Eagles are found in various habitats across the world, including mountains, forests, and grasslands. They are apex predators and play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of their respective ecosystems. Due to their impressive physical characteristics and symbolic significance, eagles have been revered by many cultures throughout history. Their conservation is of utmost importance to ensure the preservation of biodiversity and the natural world.

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