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Dog | May 25, 2022 10:51 AM | hangbony

>> These men reunited a dog family after a landslide

A dog was tr.ap.ped in muck after a lan.dslide and anxiously screamed out for aid. The deep soil had im.pri.soned him after it had rained a few days before.

The men went deep into the ground with a spade to find the dog. They carefully lifted the dog, taking care not to in.ju.re him.

After they had freed the dog…The guys were surprised…
When they discovered two puppies in the mud. The puppies were fully engulfed in filth… The man cleaned them with a piece of fabric.

The puppies are unlikely to have survived if not for the rescuers.
The man cleaned the puppies carefully with water… I double-checked that all three dogs were okay. The mother was nearby, waiting… happy to see her children again.

The father stuffed the puppies into the fabric to keep them warm and dry. The dog and her puppies then took cover…and were at long last safe.

When two kindhearted men rescued the dog and puppies below the small house, three innocent lives were saved and the family was restored.

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