>> Dog Missing Family Finds Python Resting Behind Their Door Step.

When their dog goes missing, the family discovers a Python sleeping on their doorstep;

Outside with a rabbit, the family Lure snake. Snake eats rabbit, swims in pool, and then vanishes.

Snake jaws do not dislocate, as shown in the video. Snake jaws disengage from the skull, according to legend. They keep in touch. The two lower jaws, however, move independently of one another, as seen in the video.

Unlike mammalian jaws, which are designed for chewing, snake jaws are connected by tendons, ligaments, and hinge joints, giving their skulls the flexibility of a gymnast.

The front of a snake’s lower jaw is attached by an elastic ligament, which allows the two parts to widen apart (connected by an elastic ligament) at the front. Each lower jaw moves on its own. Jaws are permanently affixed to the cranium.