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Animals | July 24, 2022 7:31 AM | hangbony

A herd of lions is hunting giraffes for food

African lions have been admired throughout history for as symbols of courage and strength. These iconic animals have powerful bodies—in the cat family, they’re second in size only to tigers—and roars that can be heard from five miles away.

An adult lion’s coat is yellow-gold, and juveniles have some light spots that disappear with age. Only male lions typically boast manes, the impressive fringe of long hair that encircles their heads

African lions once roamed most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. But the species has disappeared from 94 percent of its historic range and can only be found today in parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Everyone saying the giraffe was unbothered, here’s what I believe:
The giraffe knew that it would have a better chance of survival by conserving it’s energy for one big getaway, once the lions were exhausted. It wouldn’t have been easy to kick out with two lines on each back leg, and you can hear it breathe heavy and clearly look uncomfortable with the one on its back, so it was probably already getting exhausted. It managed to escape in the end, so maybe it’s method payed off? If it had gone into a full blown pa.nic, it would’ve lost energy and blood faster.

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