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Birds | October 26, 2022 9:16 AM | hangbony

Meet The Closest Living Relative to the Dodo Bird.

The Nicobar pigeon is among them, this unusual unique animal is presently the closest living connection to the flightless bird.

One noticeable difference is the Nicobar pigeon’s vibrant iridescent plumage that shines in colors like blue, copper and green.

To top off this explosion of colors, are its reddish legs and small white tail.

One reason they have these colorful characteristics is due to their location, the small separated island they live on lacks natural predators.

This meant there was never a reason to conceal themselves and therefore were able to develop such magical feathers.

The Nicobar pigeon is currently considered “near threatened” with conservation initiatives proposed to help the birds grow once again.

The Nicobar pigeon lives in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, from the Indian Nicobar Islands eastward to places like Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

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