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Animals | August 24, 2022 8:08 AM | hangbony

Snake Blocked The Road

Animal reporters especially when they report on da.ng.erous animals because at any time they can be attacked I take my hat off, congratulations and a thousand thanks for these beautiful videos.

How the snakes fought I d.i.e.d with a head-to-head and all lol plus they have rules it looks like a schoolboy fight, no right to hit the head.

Mdr the rattlesnakes have rules of honor it’s phew, it looks like a cowboy fight in the far west where the two duel guys have to take 10 steps before turning around and shooting.


When my wife called Sara. she d.i.ed of a poisonous snake bite. she went to the hospital and then she d.i.ed. she was 64 years old. but my sons and my grandson and granddaughter. will keep your eyes on me. but I am 73 years old. because my mother pa.ssed away last year.

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