This is the snake that kills lions

This black mamba ki.ll.ed a lion with ease, while most animals would normally stay away from Africa’s top pre.dator, Good video. The black mamba is one of the most poi.sonous and dan.gerous snakes in the world. That’s why I k.i.ll.ed the lion and the elephant in a matter of minutes.

It makes me angry that such an unproductive animal has the capacity for an animal as elegant as a lion, as imposing and pleasing to the eyes as an elephant.

This snake is very fast and k.i.lls other animals very quickly. I would not dare to be very close to this snake as a person. I prefer to greet it live and to know other good videos. It is a pleasure to greet you and Top5 Explorer.

The mamba, like many poi.sonous snakes, cannot penetrate the thick skin of the elephant. Its tusks are small and fragile. I saw documentaries about it.